The Corte madera climate adaptation PLan

Climate adaptation starts with you.

La Adaptación Climática comienza contigo mismo.

The global climate is changing and nowhere are the impacts of this change felt more acutely than at the local level. Sea level rise, king tides and coastal flooding, along with other climate impacts - such as drought, the enhanced risk of wildfire, or landslides - have already and will continue to affect our community, our multi-modal transportation network and infrastructure, and our way of life.

The Town of Corte Madera is embarking on an 18-month planning process to develop a Climate Adaptation Plan focused on enhancing the resilience of the Town. The result will be a dynamic plan that will influence and direct resources and the future of the Town for the next 5, 10, and 20 years and beyond. Due to this importance, engagement by the community in the planning process is essential – inclusive of residents, businesses, visitors and organizations.


R.J. Suokko
Public Works Director

Through this effort, with the collaboration of Town elected officials, staff, community organizations, agencies, and local residents, we are working to identify key assets and resources that are being affected by climate change and develop solutions to make those resources and the people that depend on them more resilient.

While our town is already on the frontlines of climate change at the edge of San Francisco Bay, we have the opportunity to be an adaptation leader in the region, charting the course forward for climate resilience and developing meaningful, effective, robust, and equitable solutions. Finding ways to enhance the resilience of key infrastructure and develop new ways to protect assets or restore critical habitat that is important for the health and safety of our community.

We look forward to having you involved in helping develop the actions that we can take to ensure the health and vitality of our community.

El clima global está cambiando, y no hay otro lugar donde se sienta más el impacto de estos cambios que a nivel local. La subida de la marea, mareas alto, inundaciones en las costas, junto con otros impactos climáticos como sequías, alto riesgo de incendios salvajes, o deslaves, han impactado y seguirán afectando a nuestra comunidad, nuestra infraestructura de transporte y nuestro estilo de vida.

El pueblo de Corte Madera está iniciando un proceso de planificación de 18 meses en el cual se desarrollará un plan de adaptación climático enfocado en resaltar la resiliencia del pueblo. El resultado será un plan dinámico que influenciará y dirigirá los recursos y el futuro del pueblo por los próximos 5, 10, y 20 años y los años posteriores. Debido a la importancia de este proyecto, el compromiso de la comunidad en el proceso de planificación es esencial - incluyendo a residentes, negocios, visitantes y organizaciones.


R.J. Suokko
Public Works Director

A través de está iniciativa y con la colaboración de los oficiales elegidos por el pueblo, el staff, las organizaciones comunitarias, las agencias, y los residentes locales, estamos trabajando en identificar los recursos claves que están siendo afectados por el cambio climático y desarrollaremos soluciones para que estos recursos y las personas que dependen de ellos puedan ser más resilientes.

Debido que en nuestro pueblo ya se perciben los inicios del cambio climático pues se encuentra al borde de la bahía de San Francisco, tenemos la oportunidad de ser líderes en la adaptación climática en la región. Comenzando con el proyecto de resiliencia climática y con el desarrollo de soluciones concretas, significativas, equitativas y efectivas. Encontrando formas de fortalecer la resiliencia de infraestructuras claves y desarrollando nuevas formas para proteger activos y/o restaurar hábitats críticos que son importantes para la salud y seguridad de la comunidad.

Esperamos contar con tu compromiso y participación en ayudar al desarrollo de acciones que podamos implementar para asegurar el bienestar y la vitalidad de nuestra comunidad.

Stormwater Flooding, Corte Madera. February, 2019.

Stormwater Flooding, Corte Madera. February, 2019.

Shoreline flooding in Mariner Park at high tide. February, 2019

Shoreline flooding in Mariner Park at high tide. February, 2019


Developing truly effective and meaningful adaptation requires: consistent, broad, and deep community engagement at multiple levels; an interactive process that brings together local knowledge with the best available climate and transportation science; and, an investment in the co-creation of adaptation actions that can enhance the resilience of both critical assets and the communities that depend on them.


The Plan

The Town of Corte Madera Climate Adaptation Plan will provide the necessary foundation and framework for Town Staff, the Town’s elected officials, and a diverse community of stakeholders to make critical decisions that address the Town’s extensive range of climate change related risks. Through public input received from interactive and educational community workshops and expertise of staff and our consultant team, the Corte Madera Climate Adaptation Plan will provide analysis, recommendations, and specific, implementable strategies to build resilience. This planning effort will allow for the integration of adaptation and resilience policies into the Town’s General Plan and directly inform the capital project budgeting process, ensuring that critical climate adaptation projects be funded in the near term. Corte Madera will develop a multidisciplinary approach that utilizes state of the practice; managed retreat, retrofit of existing infrastructure, resilience by design for new development, wetland restoration, flood channel/levee enhancements, fire prevention techniques, enhancement of low-carbon energy use, increasing low-carbon transportation, and extreme weather hazard reduction strategies. The project is funded in part by a CalTrans Adaptation Grant and the project team will review the Town’s current Bicycle/Pedestrian plan to identify potential future improvements in areas that may be susceptible to climate change as well as coordinate with Marin Transit and Golden Gate Transit to discuss enhancing the resilience of existing and planned transit facilities. This is a collaborative and iterative process, and the plan is expected to be completed in January of 2021.


The Phases

The Corte Madera Climate Adaptation Plan will be developed in five phases: creating the foundation (data gathering, assessing climate projections, etc.); community and resilience team engagement; identifying the possible adaptation options; refining those options to best fit Corte Madera’s needs; and finalizing the climate adaptation plan.