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Town of Corte Madera

The Corte Madera Climate Adaptation Plan was developed by and is being driven by the Town of Corte Madera. The Corte Madera Climate Adaptation Plan will provide the necessary foundation and framework for Town Staff, the Town’s elected officials, and a diverse community of stakeholders to make critical decisions that address the Town’s extensive climate change related risk. The Town is fortunate to already have an ideal framework in place to prepare this plan based on the Marin Shoreline Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment Report, the Town’s Hazard Mitigation Plan, and the Town’s Climate Action Plan. The development of the Adaptation Plan is the next step in the journey to increase the resilience of the community.


R.J. Suokko

Director of

Public Works


Leslie Regan

Climate Adaptation

Project Manager


Adaptation International

Adaptation International is a woman-owned small business focused on helping communities and organizations build resilience to climate change. Founded in 2010, Adaptation International uses collaborative approaches to connect the best available science and tools with local knowledge to empower communities to be holistic, equitable, and adaptive. Adaptation has successfully developed climate resilience tools and plans for counties and communities across 14 states. Our team has more than a decade of experience in climate change science, spatial analysis, public policy, public health, strategic planning, workshop development, and stakeholder engagement and collaboration. Adaptation International believes in the power of communities to look to the future, respond to the challenges of a changing climate, and thrive in the 21st century and beyond. 


Sascha Petersen
Project Manager

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Blue Point Planning

BluePoint Planning assists public agencies, local governments, organizations, and non-profits to better achieve their vision and mission through comprehensive strategic and policy planning services grounded in financial feasibility and market realities. We specialize in complex, multi-stakeholder planning processes, providing facilitative leadership to reach our clients' goals. BluePoint Planning was founded by Mindy Craig in 2011, is based in Oakland, California and is a certified California small, women-owned business, and certified disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE).


Mindy Craig
Community Engagement Lead



Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc.  is an internationally-recognized firm committed to developing transportation systems that promote vibrant, sustainable, and accessible communities. Founded by two women in 1987, Nelson\Nygaard has grown from its roots in transit planning to a full-service transportation firm with over 130 people in offices across the United States. In keeping with the values set by our founders, Nelson\Nygaard puts people first. We recognize that transportation is not an end by itself but a platform for achieving broader community goals of mobility, equity, economic development, and healthy living. Nelson/Nygaard has completed hundreds of transportation projects across the country, looking at and redesigning transportation networks collaboratively with the communities that live and work there. 


Resilience Advisory Committee

The project is also supported by the generous commitment of time, energy, and expertise from the Resilience Advisory Committee. These individuals based on their expertise and organizations they represent throughout the region and will help inform and guide the Town’s adaptation planning efforts. Members of the Committee can be seen here.


Chris Forinash
Transportation Lead

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